Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Kreepy Kids Bookmarks Have Arrived!

I have just created these bookmarks with the use of Kreepy Kids characters!

1) Marine Boy
2) Navy Boy
3) Bill S. Preston, Esq.
4) John Lennon
5) Ted Theodore Logan
6) Gomez Addams
7) Pugsley Addams
8) Spiderman
9) Davy Jones
10) Air Force Boy
11) Air Force Girl
12) Policeman
13) Nurse
14) Fireman
15) Willow Rosenberg
16) Dracula's Bride
17) Pirate
18) Navy Girl
19) Bat
20) Shana Elmsford
21) Robert Smith
22) Audrey Hepburn
23) Audrey Hepburn
24) Superman
25) Wonder Woman
26) Wilhelmina

Each bookmark is individually crafted with quality cardstock, patterned paper, paper piecings and the size of each bookmark is 6" by 2". The paper piecings are laser printed in quality card stock and they are sticked onto the bookmark with double side foam tapes to create a pop up effect.

These bookmarks are designed and made in collaboration with Kreepy Kids artists who have come out with a wide collection of Kreepy Kids. Please check out their shop at and their flickr album at for all the 156 Kreepy Kids characters.

Grab them now whilst stocks last!

Etsy Treasury - Pink picked by Cynmb

My True Love Happy Birthday Handmade Card is featured on Etsy Treasury today!

Thanks to cynmb for featuring me in her treasury!

Friday, August 14, 2009

ByHand.Me - Artisan Item Of The Day

My Red Kimono Japanese Girl Handmade Card is featured on ByHand.Me today!

This is my first time being featured as "Artisan Item of the Day" !

Etsy Treasury - Paper Art picked by VanillaPixie

My Flower of Love Handmade Card is featured on Etsy Treasury today!

Thanks to VanillaPixie for featuring me in her treasury!